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About The Stein Firm

Courtroom Tested

For more than 40 years, the Georgia personal injury lawyers of The Stein Firm have fought for clients whose lives have been devastated by the careless and negligent conduct of others. Our firm is fully committed to making things right for you and your loved ones. We understand that when you suffer a catastrophic injury or unexpectedly lose a loved one, it can have ripple effects across your life for years to come. 

Our seasoned attorneys are not only steadfast in delivering the legal guidance you need, but also the caring support you deserve during these challenging times. But you must act quickly if you’ve been injured to ensure the best possible results. Our firm’s founder, Bob Stein, has won countless verdicts for clients throughout the state. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Why You Need Qualified Legal Counsel

Insurance companies want you to believe they are on your side. They definitely are not. These are private entities that are only interested in protecting their bottom-line results. When they are forced to pay claims, they lose money. So, they employ dirty and underhanded tricks to wear you down and discourage you from pursuing a valid claim. These might include:

  • Denying your claim for some frivolous reason; 
  • Hiding or destroying evidence; 
  • Delaying your claim or delaying benefits payments; or
  • Offering a quick settlement for much less than your case is worth.


Dealing with insurance companies can be time-consuming, frustrating, and confusing. You need a qualified personal injury lawyer who will stand up to these insurance companies and their corporate lawyers. 

What We Do

Our office represents personal injury clients throughout the greater Atlanta area and statewide. We will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing the prompt response you need whether you are just around the corner from our office or hundreds of miles away.

We only handle personal injury cases, such as car accidents, trucking accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death cases. Day in and out, we help Georgians just like yourself get the services and compensation they need following serious accidents. You may need medical care, lost wage replacement, property repairs or replacement, and compensation for pain and suffering. We handle all of this on your behalf and do it efficiently.

While every case is different, our firm is determined to secure the best possible results for our clients. We aren’t afraid to take your case to court if an insurance company won’t pay the compensation, you need and deserve. Our firm has helped countless clients get justice after serious and life-altering injuries.

Why Choose The Stein Firm?

After suffering a personal injury, hiring the right lawyer is an important decision. Of course, you want a law firm with experience and a proven track record of positive results. But you also need an attorney who will give you the personal attention you deserve. 

At The Stein Firm, we are dedicated to providing a top-notch client experience. We genuinely want to hear your story, listen to your concerns, and learn about your goals. More importantly, we get results for our clients and will develop a strategy designed to get the best possible outcome from your personal injury case. 

Compassionate Legal Advocates

When you or a loved one has been seriously hurt, you need a law firm that is effective, but that also cares about its clients. When you work with us, you will be treated with courtesy and respect, from the person meeting you as you walk through the door to the personal injury lawyer who will fight for your interests. 

We understand that our clients are facing some of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. Our job is to take as much of the burden off of your shoulders as possible so you can focus on your recovery. We will fiercely advocate for you, and we genuinely care about your results. 

The Stein Firm, we are dedicated to serving those in need of legal assistance in the aftermath of accidents. Specializing in personal injury law, our team of experienced attorneys provides comprehensive & PI cases services to clients across Morrow, GA, and surrounding areas including College Park, Atlanta, East Point, Riverdale, and Marietta.

With a commitment to justice and client satisfaction, we strive to support individuals through every step of their legal journey, advocating fiercely for their rights and seeking the compensation they deserve. Trust in The Stein Firm for compassionate, skilled representation when you need it most.

Morrow, GA Personal Injury Attorneys

No matter what type of personal injury you’ve suffered, we want to hear about your situation. If you think you can’t afford a lawyer, think again. At The Stein Firm, we don’t charge a dime for our representation unless we successfully collect compensation on your behalf. It costs you nothing to give us a call and schedule a free initial consultation.

We’d be happy to discuss your options and are ready to fight for you. Please call (855)589-0433 to schedule your appointment today.