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Car accidents are often traumatic events that significantly impact your quality of life. Victims may be left dealing with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial fallout. Even those who are only involved in minor fender benders often have to deal with the inconvenience of car repairs and medical care.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in East Point, GA, it’s time to find out if you are owed compensation. That’s where the team at The Stein Firm steps in. We’ll help you fight for what you deserve. Car Accident Lawyer East Point Call us at 770-824-3107 to set up a consultation right away.

What Causes Car Accidents?

A wide range of mistakes, design flaws, and unlucky circumstances can lead to car accidents in Georgia. Across the board, the majority of accidents are the result of human error. A small percentage of accidents are the result of malfunctioning vehicle components, uncontrollable road or weather conditions, or mechanical issues.

In most cases, car accidents happen because of:

  • Speeding
  • Driving while impaired
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Running red lights
  • Ignoring traffic signs or lights
  • Unsafe lane switching or turning
  • Failing to yield right of way
  • Driving aggressively or recklessly
  • Following too closely
  • Cutting off other drivers

This is an important part of your car accident claim. Knowing what caused your accident can help you figure out who is liable. Drivers have an obligation to others on the road to drive as safely as possible. When they fail to do so, they may be liable for any damage they cause.

Car Accidents in East Point, GA

Per the Georgia Department of Public Health, car crashes are a serious issue throughout the state. They are the second leading cause of injury-related deaths and the second leading cause of all hospitalizations and emergency room visits throughout the state. In 2020, Georgia had the fourth-highest number of traffic deaths. This is shocking since Georgia has the eighth-largest population in the country.

This aligns with data from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. After a slow decrease in traffic deaths for several years, fatalities spiked to 1,664 in 2020. This is despite the fact that 2020 led to an overall decrease in fatalities in many states, due to less traffic from the pandemic.

The data is clear. Even though cars are getting safer, and technology makes it easier for drivers to stay safe, drivers aren’t keeping up. Drivers are still causing an alarming number of accidents every single year.

Steps to Take After a Crash

What you do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident matters. If you fail to get checked out by a doctor or capture time-sensitive evidence, you could be severely hurting your personal injury claim. After a crash, we recommend:

  • Calling the police. Call the East Point Police right away to get an officer sent to your location. You can let them know about the severity of the accident and if there are any obvious or severe injuries. This gives them a chance to send the appropriate emergency personnel.
  • Checking for injuries. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. It’s important to communicate these to the police so they know if you need an ambulance or not. Additionally, some types of injuries are so sensitive that you should not move until help arrives.
  • Gathering time-sensitive evidence. A lot of evidence is only available immediately after a crash. The damage to both vehicles, the way the vehicles landed after the collision, and the damage to nearby structures will be gone by the time you’re able to return to the scene of the crash. Spend a few minutes taking pictures of the accident from multiple angles and distances, taking video footage of the scene, and photographing your own injuries. Make cloud backups, and once you have an attorney, give them copies immediately.
  • Exchanging insurance information. You and the other driver should exchange contact and insurance information. Be aware that this means that their insurance company will reach out to you fairly quickly after the crash—you should talk to an attorney before that happens so you don’t have to speak to the insurance adjuster directly.
  • Seeking out medical care. It does not matter if you don’t feel injured or not; medical care must be a priority after a crash. Even if you feel healthy, there could be underlying injuries building up just below the surface. The sooner you get checked out by a doctor, the sooner you can get the evidence you need to begin your personal injury claim.
  • Talking to an attorney. Your next step is to talk to a car accident lawyer in East Point. You can’t expect the insurance company to pay you the compensation you’re owed without a fight—they will pay you as little as they can get away with. An attorney can help.

How We Can Help You Fight for Compensation

With decades of experience in personal injury law, the team at The Stein Firm knows what it takes to get a fair settlement or court award for car accident victims. We know that insurance companies make their money by denying fair compensation to victims, and we are committed to fighting back. By investigating your accident and your subsequent injuries, we will get the evidence we need to build your case.

While you focus on recovering from your injuries, we will build an ironclad case against the other party. Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve, whether that occurs during negotiations or in the courtroom. Along the way, you can expect frequent updates about your case, clear explanations of your options, and guidance from our team.


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