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Coping With Emotional and Psychological Trauma from a Car Accident

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When you think about the consequences of a car accident, you likely think of broken bones, glass embedded in the skin, and serious head injuries. However, the trauma caused by car accidents goes beyond physical injuries. For many victims, the emotional and psychological impact of a crash is just as bad as the physical injuries they suffer.

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The Impact of Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Regardless of the severity of an accident, a crash can leave victims with serious psychological and emotional trauma. A car accident is often completely uncontrollable, especially if the victim is not at fault. This can cause significant fear and anxiety within the victim as they worry about similar uncontrollable events affecting themselves or their loved ones.

Victims often report sustained shock, fear about their and their loved one’s well-being, anxiety, and depression. The fallout from a crash can affect everything from an individual’s ability to maintain a job, preserve relationships with loved ones, and fulfill their day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way through this. You have to recognize the signs of trauma and work through them to heal.

Know the Signs of Trauma

After a car accident, victims and their loved ones must know the signs of emotional trauma. This allows them to recognize when someone is struggling and intervene. Common symptoms of psychological trauma include:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares: Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares are unwelcome and seriously affect your quality of life. They can also contribute to this next symptom.
  • Sleep disturbances: Sleep disturbances are very common for those experiencing psychological issues after an accident. Part of it is because of the nightmares that often follow—if you have terrifying nightmares every time you sleep, it won’t take long for your body to fight sleep. However, it can also be hard to turn off your body’s adrenaline response and instinct to protect yourself from further danger.
  • Avoidance: Many individuals avoid situations and places that remind them of the accident. This is normal to an extent but can quickly limit their ability to participate in daily life and connect with loved ones.
  • Emotional disturbances: Some victims become irritable and angry after an accident, often experiencing rapid mood swings that don’t appear to be caused by anything. Trauma is known to cause or worsen irritability.
  • Numbness: While some people react to an accident with anger or irritability, others completely shut off their emotional responses. If someone becomes emotionally numb after an accident, it may be a defense mechanism to protect them from further hurt or anxiety.


Rely on a Support System

Victims must prioritize building a support system that can help them get through the dark after an accident. This includes close friends, family members, and others in their personal life. However, it should also include professional guidance and support from psychiatrists, therapists, or others trained in handling trauma. Many different counseling approaches can be used to overcome trauma and help victims develop beneficial coping skills. Victims may also benefit from trauma support groups that allow them to connect with others in similar situations.

Get the Help You Need

It’s no secret that mental health treatment is expensive. As a result, many victims never even seek the help they need to heal completely. If you worry about the expense of mental healthcare, a personal injury claim can help you recover compensation from the person who caused your accident. This may allow you to get the treatment you need and make a full recovery.

Pursue Your Personal Injury Claim with The Stein Firm

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