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Defining Common Personal Injury Terms

personal injury

For people who may be embroiled in personal injury litigation for the very first time or may have never seen the inside of a courtroom; understanding and interpreting the legal lexicon and vernacular can prove to be quite challenging. While each personal injury litigation is unique in terms of its litigants and circumstances, the terminology […]

The Impact of a Personal Injury on Family Members and Caregivers in Atlanta


When a mother, father, child or other loved one suffers a traumatic injury, the devastating impact spreads far beyond just the individual. For family members and caregivers, life is abruptly upended as the urgent needs of their injured relative take priority. Shock, grief, exhaustion, and financial strain combine into an overwhelming weight on caregivers who […]

Who Pays for Your Medical Bills After a Georgia Auto Accident?

Auto Accident medical bills

A car accident is traumatic in many ways. For many victims, their finances suffer the most. From medical bills and vehicle repairs to unexpected time away from work, it’s no surprise that some are left with no way to cover their expenses. If you’ve been involved in an Atlanta car accident and you’re wondering how […]

Who Is At Fault in a Parking Lot Accident?

Parking Lot Accident

Everyone’s getting ready for Christmas, and that means that your local shopping malls are packed to the gills. Big box stores have shoppers driving up and down parking lot lanes, hoping someone is about to back out and leave. What would be a 20-minute trip any other time of the year will likely be at […]

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean in a Car Crash Claim?

Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis

In the realm of car crash claims, grasping the concept of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is crucial. At The Stein Firm, we understand that MMI marks the point where your condition has stabilized, allowing for a clearer assessment of your injuries. It signifies that further medical treatment won’t significantly alter your condition. Understanding MMI is […]

How to Prove Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

car driving with drinking

When you’re injured because of another person’s negligence, it’s common to feel irrationally annoyed and even angry at the entire situation. Because of one person’s choice to text and drive, leave a rickety staircase up at their place of business, or unleash their aggressive dog, you’re left with medical bills, lost wages, and mental trauma. […]

The Role of Mediation in Personal Injury Cases

personal injury attorneys

If negotiations have stalled and there seem to be limited options remaining for your personal injury cases, your attorney may recommend mediation. Mediation, frequently used in family law cases and business law, is also a useful tool for some personal injury cases. Find out how mediation may be used in your personal injury claim. For […]

The Importance of Eyewitnesses in a Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Attorneys in Morrow, GA

After a personal injury, you may worry about getting compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. You know what happened, and you have the injuries to prove it—but how do you get the insurance company to believe you enough to offer a fair settlement? One or two strong eyewitnesses can do a […]